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Uncategorised CEO led, ambitious technology collaboration

The news that Facebook has persuaded Samsung, Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericsson, amongst others, to agree to work with them on cutting the cost of web access in developing countries is welcome news.

The detail of the long-term deal, as it stands today, can be found here. It’s not a long article.

Here’s the link, it looks like it could be a fascinating collaborative effort.

This is the kind of sorely needed leadership, catalysing action that can make a huge difference in a wide variety of ways.

We all understand the benefits that better performing smart technology has already had, everywhere.

What’s interesting about this effort is that it is CEO driven, by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

He says it is more about doing the right thing than making profits. Helping another 4 billion people online in fast growing emerging markets will of course be profitable for technology companies such as Facebook in the long term.

I’ve written quite a few times on the blog about how CEO public leadership on issues exactly like these will be vital in the coming decades.

Let’s hope the example of Facebook gives other companies confidence that they can speak out when the issues, and their values, demand it.