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Insight next week on some key questions facing business

 Next week sees Ethical Corporation’s biggest annual conference, the Responsible Business Summit, take place in London.

10 or so CEOs, 40 senior managers speaking. No PowerPoint allowed. It should be a lot of fun. 

Here’s a few of the sessions I hope will offer some insights. I’ll do my best to capture some lessons for the blog:

Collaboration in the new economy:  A “what if?” look at the near future
This session puts difficult scenarios in front of our senior level speakers. Collaboration is a much-over used word. So what will it really mean in 2020, which is not so far away? 

How companies will build trust in 2020
 Similarly as with “collaboration”, “trust” is a very over used word. This session we’ll be asking CEOs what they will be doing, on a practical level, to build trust with consumers, and keep it. Let’s see if we can get beyond the usual platitudes.

Factories and fields: Frontline supply chain engagement to enable ethical sourcing
This session should be fascinating. CSOs and senior execs discussing one of the most interesting topics: How do we reach small farmers and vulnerable sourcing communities, and how are they best helped? 

Ivory Tower Syndrome- How the financial sector can re-connect with the people they serve  
Well done to the banks brave enough to take part in this one. We’ll be pushing them hard for practical commitments and plans/tips!

Stakeholder Engagement X FACTOR
Such an important area, but so badly done by many. Leading companies get beyond box ticking and use engagement to refine and improve strategy. I hope we’ll find out how, and will do my best to report back on those lessons…

More on all this, here.