Innovative NGOs for business to work with: More ideas needed

Thanks to all the readers who have sent me suggestions for small, practical innovative NGOs that companies can work with / support.

I’ve got a list of seven below. Three more makes ten, then we’ll write up some profiles on them for Ethicalcorp.com.

Here’s the seven we have so far: (Thanks to Alison Braybrooks for her varied and many suggestions)


Pioneering new ways to deliver disaster relief, whilst creating jobs in Africa which serve Africans.

The Boxing Academy

Offering an alternative to school exclusion, the Academy has a phenomenal record of turning kids lives around.

The Forest Trust

An innovative NGO working with Nestle and their suppliers, (among others) to deliver sustainable forestry management.


A small charity that punches above its weight. They are involved in child labour issues in Ghana amongst a range of services. Very focused on sustainability and impact.

Practical Action

PA uses technology to challenge poverty. They offer innovative ways to help people through incorporating the highest to the lowest technologies.

Stars Foundation

A good way in for companies not familiar with the NGO landscape in Africa. SF helps already effective charities become even stronger by enhancing their capacity to deliver vital services

Grassroots Soccer

This outfit is tackling HIV in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. They are undertaking lots of evidence-based work with young people, capacity building in the community and a rigorous approach to measurement.

Now, help me out here people. Dig deep into the grey matter and let me know some others we can profile.

UPDATE 22/09/11: Here’s a couple more suggested by readers:

Max Foundation

Max Foundation aims to prevent child mortality and seeks the most effective, and most cost-efficient way to do so. They support water and sanitation projects in Bangladesh, as this approach has proven to save many children’s lives at low cost and with few resources.Max Foundation finances these small scale projects together with the local community.

Reprezent 107.3FM

A community radio station by and for young people in London. It now covers Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark, Lambeth, Bromley, Croydon, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and parts of Newham. The approximate listenership is 60,000 (FM), and 12,000 (online) 13 to 25 year olds.

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