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Innovation Forum’s response to Covid-19 disruption: A digital pivot

We’ve taken a digital pivot to offer value for business in tumultuous times.

In response to a changed operating environment, we’ve quickly focused time and resources to develop cutting edge digital platforms for companies to reach audiences with key messages, foster debate and dialogue and, most importantly, engage key stakeholders in important issues.

Trust and performance matters more than ever right now. The following options help you enhance trust, and demonstrate what you are doing in response to the sustainability agenda and the new operating environment.

1) Innovation Forum digital conferences and networking. Our conferences, for now, will be online, with in-depth deep digital engagement and networking. These will be paid events at a reduced cost compared to physical conferences. When it became clear we had no option but to postpone our recent London human rights and ethical trade conference, we immediately set up a number of webinars to start conversations about some of the crucial issues we should have discussed in person. We were delighted how well these were received. However, our new event platform will deliver so much more. Upcoming digital events include our sustainable apparel and textiles conference in late April, a two-day US-focused discussion on ethical trade and human rights, and our future of food event series in May and June.

2) We offer bespoke company online stakeholder engagement services. With multi-channel engagement, a set discussion event plus follow up. These will be invitation only. We have a separate document detailing what we can offer, available on request.

3) We’re planning a series of sponsored seminars. For ambitious clients these can be known as virtual coalition building meetings. These will be a half day online drilling down on very specific issues. These will be supported by sponsors and free to attend. These three hour events on specific topics, with multiple companies discussing the key issues, will feature Q&As, dialogue and breakout working groups as required. A summary document could be prepared afterwards both for attendees and for wider dissemination.

4) We continue to offer sponsored bespoke one-hour webinars and shorter podcasts broadcast to our large global network. These are published on and via all the usual audio and podcast channels. We can provide more details on reach, numbers and longevity on request.

Please contact Anita Thomson to discuss these options further: