If you are big, corporate and American, then read this…

I’ve been pondering a post for a while on what big companies might do that’s progressive on climate change lobbying.

After posting on opponents to Obama’s plans recently, it seems appropriate to talk also about solultions.

But the excellent Marc Gunther has beaten me to it. He is anyhow better placed to comment, being from the U.S.

His brief summary of the political and business state of play is detailed in this concise posting.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement:

“…business groups like the U.S. Climate Action Partnership can play a constructive role. Companies like GE, Exelon and NRG… should be pushing their Democratic and Republican allies to craft a climate bill together.”

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of big business having a political voice. But that’s a reality.

It’s surely better they use that voice for progressive change than allow dinosaur lobby groups to do it for them.

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