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CSR and Sustainability

If interested in emerging markets and corporate investment, read on..

If not, best do something else. But you ought to be a bit interested.

After all, emerging markets are pretty key to the future of many large companies. Not to mention the people that live there.

Apparently they should now be called “Lean Markets” which is one, new way of looking at them

Whatever we call them, “Lean”, “Emerging”, the post-BRIC CIVETS or KINGs (yawn), they matter.

So I’ve set up a new business, alongside my other interests, that brings together senior level politicians and investors, corporate managers, CEOs and other interested parties to discuss foreign direct investment, investment conditions generally, trends, risk and opportunities.

That new business is called Innovation Forum. Here’s the website, take a look for yourself.

Our first briefing and event is on Ghana. The briefing will be out next month, the first event will be on June 19 in London. It’s very high level, with five confirmed cabinet ministers and other serious players. Take a look at the event here. The speaker line up so far is here.

Let me know if you would like to be involved. Our list of other forthcoming analysis and events for 2014/15 is here, and here’s an About Us doc if you want to know more in one click.