How much surface area would it take to power the world completely with solar or wind?

According to Fast Company, it’s not that much, but it will cost a lot.

Check it out, by clicking here.

How little land surface solar might need could surprise you.

But the estimated costs might not:

“…the planned Desertec solar pipeline from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe will cost at least $555 billion. And that’s just to power 15% of Europe”.

And as we all know this matters, a lot. Consider this quote from the FT last week:

“The worldwide cost of adaptation – including better flood defences, improving transport infrastructure and better resilience to drought – would probably reach sums in the region of $140bn to $210bn a year by 2030, said the group of climate experts brought together by Imperial College London and the London-based International Institute for Environment and Development.”

Algae may be one other solution. There’s an interesting FT piece here on the subject.

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