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How do you measure – and value – the right things in corporate sustainability?

The answer of course is, “it depends”.

It depends on what kind of business you run. Your sector liabilities and opportunities.

It depends on how you manage that business, and what your board feels is important.

It depends on what shareholders, owners and stakeholders care about. To a degree.

Most large companies, say the largest 1000 in the world, care more and more about sustainability.

But the answer to the question “How do you measure – and value – the right things in corporate sustainability?” as we all know, is not clear.

We just know that it’s the right question. And that’s a start.

(As the only management guru worthy of the monicker, Peter Drucker, once said “I have only questions”. Asking the right ones is a good first step. That’s what made him brilliant)

Any substantive and useful response to the above question partly depends on the company and how it works, what the culture is.

That answer also depends on what investors, and other key, influential stakeholders, such as NGOs, expect.

It’s not simple. But we all want better answers.

So at Innovation Forum we’ve created a physical meeting place where you can find out the best that business, investors and yes, NGOs too, know about this.

At the very least, you can find out what key people think.

And that’s better than where most companies are today.

Most of the top 1000 are some way down the dimly lit corridor of sustainability progress, but still a long way from the light switch at the end of the hall.

Enough from me. Take a look yourself, it’s all laid out here.

It’s going to be a fun couple of days.