Here’s some essential new reading about sustainable palm oil

Here’s some essential reading about sustainable palm oil, selected from the betterpalmoildebate.org website, which I run with Nadine Hawa and Mallen Baker for the RSPO. 

Palm oil itself isn’t the problem. It’s how much is being produced and at what cost, says Emily Dunstan 

GreenPalm allows companies to get away with misleading claims about their use of sustainable palm oil, says Lorinda Jane
Robert Hii asks some hard questions about the ability of the RSPO to make a difference 
Dr. Ben Richardson tells us why the RSPO should look to the EU’s carbon market for lessons
Caroline Sikking of Cargill Refined Oils Europe, shares her thoughts on the CSPO market, the importance of smallholder inclusion in sustainable supply chains, as well as Cargill’s ambitions to advance sustainable palm oil.

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