Greenpeace and Kimberly-Clark, not be sneezed at

As we’ve reported before, despite claims to the contrary, Kimberly-Clark have not been the leaders they could have been on sustainable forestry.

Now, though, a deal has been done which will see Greenpeace can their “Kleercut” campaign against the company, which fully deserved their attentions for its recalcitrant attitude to wood sourcing.

According to the Washington Post, a company statement and Greenpeace themselves, this is a significant deal for sustainable forestry.

According to the PR: “Kimberly-Clark has set a goal of obtaining 100 percent of the company’s wood fiber for tissue products, including the Kleenex brand, from environmentally responsible sources”.

The only question is, why did it take this long?

We’ll be exploring this in an upcoming edition of our magazine, Ethical Corporation. More from the magazine here.

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  1. Anonymous

    As it happens, it hasn't taken this long. K-C's goal to source 100% of wood fibre from certified suppliers, with a preference for FSC certification where possible, was introduced in early 2007 and reported in the company's 2006 sustainability report. See page 61:

    I've no doubt that the new standards developed with Greenpeace are a marked improvement, but K-C did source 98% of its fibre from certified suppliers in 2008 and 97% in 2007. They deserve some credit for that.

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