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Greener capacity building in China: Great example of smarter business

Here’s an excellent example of how companies and Western institutions can make a difference on the ground in China and elsewhere when it comes to the environment, or any other issue where help is needed.

Read the article and think to yourself: Is my company’s money best spent in non-strategic philanthropy and volunteering (Let’s face it, most activities in those areas aren’t terribly strategic), or on something like this, which really can make a substantive difference towards business goals in the supply chain?

I’m not saying philanthropy and volunteering don’t matter in these cash-strapped times.

They do. The question is, why don’t you do both?

At least one of them has a real, measurable outcome: Reducing pollution in your supply chain.

That should give you, as a practitioner, access to budgets outside the usual paltry CR spend allocation.