Good comms from Unilever

Changing how consumers act: Marketing’s toughest challenge

Unilever’s latest sustainability newsletter is worth a look.

The font they use for headlines is dreadful and hard to read.

Some kind of ‘retro 1980’s future font’ idea that really doesn’t work.

BUT the content is good. That’s what matters.

The very fact that they send out something readable and compelling (once you have squinted through the headline) means they are a step ahead of most companies.

The content is short, numbers-focused and shows they are making some progress.

Unilever’s supplier engagement work is particularly impressive. Here’s that part of the newsletter.

And their consumer behaviour change efforts continue to impress.

There’s much more to do and prove there of course. Selling out of promotional packs (see link) is one thing. Demonstrating consistently reduced consumer environmental impact is much harder.

Aside from moaning about their headline font, I’d argue that third party endorsements/comments around what Unilever are doing on sustainability would add further credibility.

But it’s still pretty good compared with dull press releases written in legalese. Or an annual CR report.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is indeed king.

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