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Gobal drivers and trends in sustainable business

 I’ve been pulling together some research interviews conducted in 2012 on drivers and trends in sustainable business.

Here’s a 25 slide or so presentation I have prepared for a few upcoming conferences in 2012.

For those of you who get the blog posts via email please find the direct link here.

Here are the slides embedded below. Look forward to comments on what I have missed.

This one is quite macro-level. More for senior executive use. I am also working on a version that has a lot more about current and upcoming trends within corporate responsibility in a more detailed/technical sense.

As always with my presentations, I’d hope that substance overcomes style. It’s not the best designed presentation in the world, but I’m trying to keep it simple. There’s a lot in here to talk about.

Delighted to come and present this to your board.

I’ve done so a few times recently with large companies and we’ve had a good debate as a result.