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Getting to Grips with Corporate Responsibility Online Course starts next week

We’ve had a great response to the Getting to Grips with Corporate Responsibility online course, and we’re looking forward to launching the material for the first module next week.

The course starts on Monday 15th April – that’s Monday next week. So if you’re thinking of joining, now is the time to take action!

We’ve had a few questions from people before they did sign up, and we thought it might be worth sharing some of the answers here, in case these questions have been on your mind too.

1. What if I’m away during the first week / some other point in the course? Does this mean that I can’t do it?

Definitely not. The beauty of the format of this course – which is primarily video on demand – is that you can do this whenever it’s convenient to you. The course material for each module, once it’s launched, stays up for the next six months so you have ample time to cover content you haven’t had time to get around to.

2. Can we get a group rate for our in-house team?

Yes, we’ve got a couple of teams joining us signed up already. Email to discuss.

3. If I want to do this, but know that the next few months are simply not possible for me, will you be running the course again in the future?

The aim currently is to reopen the course for a second round in September. We don’t guarantee this, however.

4. I’m completely new to CSR – is the course right for me?

We’ve got many joining the course for whom this is a new, or relatively new, subject. We don’t start with presumed pre-knowledge, and we aim to provide some real substance in a style and depth that will be of value to people at a number of different levels.

If you need to refresh your memory of what the course covers, you can watch the introductory video here.

And you can sign-up online at the site, or if paying online is not possible because of your corporate set-up, then arrange with us to pay by invoice.

The course costs a mere €399 – which is not much more than some people will charge for online courses lasting a couple of hours! And if you’re based in a non-OECD country, it’s even cheaper at €299.

Hope you can join us.