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Effective communication insights from Nike, Coke, McDonalds, Unilever, BP, Primark, Patagonia, Sainsburys, BMW, Interface and Novartis

Here’s what will be covered in the forthcoming Getting to Grips with CR Communications management course which begins on November 25 2013. 
If any blog readers would like to take part, just let me know:
Module / Week One: 25 November 2013
  • Why communicate Corporate Responsibility externally?
  • Vision, mission, values and purpose
  • Communicating policy, targets, goals and commitments
  • Communications that resonate
  • Engaging the media: national and trade press
  • Engaging NGOs, opinion formers, thought leaders and others 

Module / Week Two: 2 December 2013
  • Communicating about ethics and sustainability in a crisis
  • 15 things good corporate CR communicators get right
  • Case Study: Primark
  • Case Study: BP
  • Case study: Nike
  • Case study: Unilever
  • Assignment: Crisis management

Module / Week Three: 9th December 2013
  • Responsibility in the marketing mix
  • Cultural sensitivities for global companies
  • Greenwash, stealth marketing and other false claims
  • Case Study: Patagonia
  • Case Study: BMW
  • Case Study: Interface
  • Case Study: Novartis
Module / Week Four: 16th December 2013
  • Selling controversial products
  • Vulnerable customers
  • Courting controversy as a marketing tactic
  • Influencing customers on sustainability
  • Overall course conclusions
  • How to make better communications happen in your business 
  • Developing a personal action plan

More details and how to sign up can be found here: