Droning on: NGO campaigns and unmanned aerial vehicles

Sea Shepherd: Now with drones as well as stinkbombs

I’ve been blogging for corporate ethics/sustainability stuff for about six years now.

In nearly 1000 blog posts, (have I spouted that much nonsense, really? That’s rhetorical by the way) I’ve often tried to talk about how technology is changing corporate accountability.

That’s often for the better, sometimes to the unfair detriment of companies.

iPhones, smart phones, wi-fi, wi-max, social media, mobile connectivity, etc etc, are all changing our world, and how companies consider protecting and enhancing their reputations.

Now though, Sea Shepherd, possibly the most extreme campaigning NGO in the eyes of some, and the most brave in the eyes of others, has raised the game.

They have permission from the Australian government to use drones to track, chase and disrupt Japanese whaling ships in the South Atlantic.

I’m not suggesting campaigning NGOs are about to use drones against your business any time soon.

But finally, a technology used primarily by the military for frightening purposes, may be used, for example, to track wildlife or forestry.

Technology is evolving at such a rate, new innovations will be used in campaigns in unexpected ways faster than any of us thought.

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