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Criticisms of WWF – was I wrong?

I said a while ago that I’d do a couple of things after recent posts critical of WWF.

1) Commission an independent journalist to look into the story

2) Not see that story before it was published, so as not to bias it with my views.

3) If I was wrong, to apologise.

So the in-depth article we wrote has been published here, for several weeks.

In the meantime I’ve had about 20 emails, 95% in support of what I wrote, even from WWF employees.

A couple of big companies with major partnership investments with WWF said I had not given them enough credit. Fair enough.

I’ve ’embedded’ the article Ethical Corporation recently published below.

My view is that whilst I should have been more balanced, giving WWF the credit it deserves for the good work it has done and continues to do, the organisation faces serious challenges which it appears to be trying to ignore.

At least there’s no public acknowledgement that there are serious concerns that need to be addressed. That is very worrying.

Rather than respond to us, they have simply dis-engaged and now refuse to have anything to do with us.

Not a mature response, and not what the organisation preaches publicly. Again, worrying.

I’d love to know what WWF’s annual staff survey results say about this issue of how they engage business (the laggards are the issue, not the leaders).

Perhaps they will release that publicly? I assume they produce such a survey internally.

Here’s the article. Judge for yourself: (Click on the title below to make the text appear if it is not showing up in the preview mode)