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CR Communications and Reporting – a big announcement

Here’s what it looks like, lovely eh

Dear blog readers, wherever you may be.

First of all, thanks for reading. I assume that for the 5000 of you who get this via email or read regularly, the blog is somehow useful. 

As you know the blog is partially supported my my other products. 

One of these is online training in CSR/Sustainable Business, with my esteemed colleague and friend Mallen Baker. 

So here’s a quick update on our latest courses. 

It’s good news so I hope you’ll take a wee moment to read, and consider signing up, or suggesting to colleagues that they sign up for a course or two. We also produce completely tailored online training too. 

I promise not to send too many commercial blog posts, and anyhow this resource below is designed to be useful so I hope you’ll consider it and not unsubscribe in a fit of email pique 🙂

Here it is…

We’ve made an important and slightly scary decision about our next course – the comprehensive Getting to Grips with Corporate Responsibility Communications and Reporting.

When we first started these online courses, we were both clear that our mission was to influence CR practice at companies as far and wide as we could by putting the best quality online training on CR in the hands of those that could make real change by putting it into practice.

Both of us have travelled extensively speaking to people making CR practice a reality – often in countries where there are no huge budgets for CR projects and precious few local examples of best practice that can match the world leaders. 

We believe the online training approach to be perfectly suited to meet the needs of people in these countries, as well as those in the better-funded corporate CR leaders.

And we know we’ve done something right. The courses we’ve done have had great feedback from the 130 plus people that have taken them. We’re reassured that we’ve got something here that really works for people. 

Because it’s training when you want it, drawing on the experience of the best in the world, and available to you wherever you are in the world.


But we asked ourselves whether we were really nailing that mission. Really reaching the widest group of change agents in the places where it matters. And we decided we weren’t. Not even close.

We need to do more.

Last year, we ran Getting to Grips with CR Communications and Getting to Grips with CR Reporting as two separate courses at £595 / $910 each.

This year we’ve decided to just insanely ramp up the value of these courses. 

Firstly, we’ve combined the two together into one comprehensive CR communications and reporting course – a mass of high quality content that brings a combined value of over £1100 / $1800. People that did both courses last year were offered the lower price of £895.

This year, we are not just discounting that price, we are slaughtering it.

We are offering this course for a mere £249 / $399. A massive discount on the original price – less than a third of what we sold it for last time.

Of course, something has to give. Something we offered in previous courses was live Q&A sessions, answers to all questions that were asked to each video, and assignments that we reviewed at certain points of the course. That’s the part that takes the real time and cost – but also in our experience of the courses to date surprised us by being of less importance to our students than we had expected. 

So stripping out this component enables us to offer access to the video tutorial content that we’ve had such positive feedback about for considerably less.

We’ll be reviewing the results of this experiment closely. If this change helps us towards our mission goal of helping a wider range of people to improve their CR practice, then we may look at continuing this approach. If we end up simply making this content available to those that would have paid full price for it anyway but at a discount, then it will be a short lived experiment!


Have a look at the full course details at We are holding this discount until the end of May only, before we re-evaluate. So don’t hang about!

Best wishes

Toby Webb and Mallen Baker