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A cost effective way to demonstrate stakeholder engagement and impact

So many companies have communication problems when it comes to stakeholder engagement.

Here’s an idea, perhaps not revolutionary but certainly not used that much:

Take a major site, say your HQ or a big factory or even a supplier from whom you buy a lot.

Interview four families, each North, South, East or West of your site, perhaps using an independent outfit.

Publish four ‘case study’ stories, as ‘warts and all’ as you can sell to the communications director, on your website, in your PDF report, on the web etc.

They could cover positive, negative aspects of your presence in the area. Don’t claim they represent anything other than genuine snapshots of your value chain.

Use these stories, and the people in them, to drive internal engagement in meetings, and for powerful external communications about genuine stakeholder impacts.

Do this for three years, track what you can, then review.

Beats stock images of smiling stakeholders from your reports agency or media library, for sure. And it wouldn’t cost much to do.

Worth thinking about perhaps.