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Corporate responsibility/sustainability reporting, some stats and facts

  • About 6,000 corporate social responsibility reports were published in 2011
  • Some 1,200 were from companies publishing a sustainability report for
    the first time
  • The number of reports published annually has doubled
    since 2006, with European, and particularly British, companies far in
    the lead
  • According to the World Federation of Exchanges, 46,223 companies were
    listed on the world’s stock exchanges at the beginning of 2012: only a
    minority publishes CR reports
  • The 2011 Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study and
    Research Project, published by MIT and the Boston Consulting Group,
    found that, 67% of 4,000 managers believe a sustainability strategy is a
    competitive necessity, while an additional 22% believe it will be in
    the future
  • A small minority, 7%, see no need to pursue sustainability
  • Chief financial officers are coming to the table on sustainability, as
    a report, published in September 2012 by Deloitte, found
  • Only 13% of
    CFOs saw no connection between sustainability and financial performance,
    and accountability for sustainability is increasingly being transferred
    to CFOs and chief operating officers, who are now given direct
    responsibility for sustainability in 36% of corporations, up from 20% in
    2011, according to the recent Deloitte report

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