Consumers still like sustainability, and companies are responding

This note, from our main site, pulls some interesting quotes and stats together on consumer buying habits based on sustainability concerns.

For example:

“Rob Cameron, head of the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation at the Fairtrade Foundation, told delegates at the Annual Responsible Business Summit in London last month that consumption of cocoa, coffee and bananas under the Fairtrade label is continuing to rise strongly.

Retail sales volume is expected to increase from €2.4 billion in 2007 to €3 billion when the 2008 figures are released”.

We’ve just published a new report on how companies are responding to the challenges back down the supply chain so they can assure ethically minded consumers.

Take a look at it here.

The report aims to examine leading global initiatives across a range of industries and analyses what works (and pays!), and why some initiatives are doomed to fail.

You can get a free summary here.

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