Communications advice from other industries

As many of us know, the sustainability/corporate responsibility world can sometimes operate in something approaching a bubble.

Mallen Baker blogs on how to breach that barrier in this recent post.

To help my own thinking, and because half my job is publishing in other markets than the CR world, (mostly renewables, but not exclusively) I try to read blogs and articles in other areas regularly, as I am sure you all do too.

Here’s a couple of blog posts from outside the CR world that those of you interested in communications might find useful:

You will be misunderstood. In this post Seth Godin talks about the importance of simplicity and repetition in communications. A real gem of a post.

Lessons From an Unconference. In this post, Dan Blank, a new media/publishing blogger, writes and shows, how an “unconference” can work. His tips could be very useful for companies, I believe, by helping them re-rethink how internal meetings and conferences can be structured.

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