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Coca-Cola Enterprises Europe President, podcast on sustainability/CR progress and innovation

Hubert Patricot

Here’s a podcast interview I taped this week with Hubert Patricot at Coke Europe.

I asked him about progress on their sustainability plan, what innovation means to them, supplier engagement, leadership and how they encourage employees to be creative and find solutions to sustainability and CSR challenges.

I’ve been pretty impressed by their progress in the last few years. They are leading the way for the rest of Coca-Cola (not one company, it’s a complex business/series of brands) and have a really solid focus on the business case and senior level buy in.

I also like the way they put up senior level executives who seem to enjoy being challenged and are open for discussion and debate. That’s always telling.

I’m sure there are those who would say the progress is not quick enough, there’s still too much sugar in their drinks, and we’ve seen NGOs take a pop at issues in the supply chain in the last few days. No company is perfect of course, and there are always issues to be managed.

I’d like to see a company such as Coca-Cola or PepsiCo make a real mainstream business out of sustainable brands, as Kimberly-Clark are trying to do, but as the Innocent example has proven, that’s a long journey. These guys seem on the right path to me, despite all the challenges of global footprints etc.

The podcast is about 12 minutes long. Here’s the link again