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Climate change and the WSJ vs. Jim Hansen: Does whom you believe depend on your ideology?

I think it might well do.

I have Republican friends in the US who refuse to believe in global warming simply because they dislike Al Gore.

Likewise, you usually won’t meet a left wing person who thinks man-made climate change is bunkum.

Firing the latest salvoes in the debate are some dubious-looking scientists (I counted no more than 2-3 real scientists among them) who claim in the WSJ that there’s:

No Need to Panic About Global Warming

James Hansen responds that: “Global warming due to human-made gases, mainly CO2, is already 0.8°C and deleterious climate impacts are growing worldwide”.

The Wall Street Journal make it fairly clear on the video available on the link above what they think, with huge letters saying “Global Warming Hoax” all over their ‘news report’ about the article.

For climate campaigners out there, here’s an idea:

Create, promote and update weekly, a live database of all the recognised top scientists, showing just who (that is qualified) argues for and against climate change action.

It would likely show something like 98% for action and 2% against, from what I understand.

Such a tool, perhaps run from a credible think tank, NGO or University, could be very valuable for media, and governments.

It would also be very useful for the rest of us, who are sometimes confused by media ‘balance’ around the proportions of who actually believes what.

( does it’s best on this score. Here’s their view on the WSJ peice. It makes interesting reading if they are right, and I have no reason to doubt they are.