Climate and population, and wayward madmen

Following the Stern review on climate change, an interesting letter in one of papers yesterday here in the UK. The writer pointed out that the predictions failed to take note of the world’s rising population, apparently scheduled to level out at around 9 billion in 2050, from some 6 billion now. I must admit not to having read the whole Stern report yet, but if this is accurate, it seems an omission few others have picked up on. How could such a major mistake be made? Astonishing.

On the same subject, former Conservative chancellor Nigel Lawson made a speech last night at the Centre for Policy Studies accusing the government of being alarmist about climate change and “scaremongering”. Saying the science was “highly uncertain” he went on to suggest that if the planet needed cooling, we could “blast aerosols into the stratsphere so as to impede the sun’s rays”.

Hmm, thanks Nigel, the world will get back to you.

Toby Webb, Editor

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