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Circular Economy

Circular economy and finance industry – what’s the connection?

IF recently held a webinar on the circular economy and the role that the financial industry can play in the movement. 

We wanted to ask the following questions:

• Circular economy is about material products, modern finance is immaterial, what relation is their between the circularity movement in business and the financial industry?

• Is there a commercial incentive for financial businesses, such as banks for example, to engage with a company looking to transition to a circular business model?

• Practically speaking, how will it change what financial institutions offer their clients? 

Speakers include:

• Richard Kooloos, head of sustainable banking, ABN AMRO 
• Gert-Jan Sikking, ‎managing director, innovation institutional business, PGGM 
• Gerald Naber, ‎vice president sustainable lending, ING
You can listen to it here. And below of course.