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Business sustainability and ’emerging’ markets: A quick tour

This morning I spent a couple of hours with a group of corporate responsibility and communications managers in central London.

I was asked by Grayling Future Planet, part of Grayling, the PR firm, to present on views of corporate responsibility from the perspective of emerging markets.

So I tried to condense our research on four different markets into 15 minutes and 14 slides. Not so easy!

In the presentation below I looked at China, Brazil, India and South Africa, and some of the drivers for business sustainability initiatives and the results so far. Here’s the presentation below:

Other panellists included Martin Chilcott of 2 Degrees, Julie Weston of UNICEF, and Bruce Shu, MD of Grayling China, alongside Amanda Purdie, MD of Grayling Future Planet.

The other panellists had some fascinating insights. UNICEF’s work with Manchester United on HIV/Aids awareness and measured behaviour change should be of great interest to readers. If I can find a link to it I’ll post that.

Bruce Shu had some useful advice for companies in China: Follow the five year plans and don’t miss your targets (given the government does not).

Martin Chilcott pointed out that many companies in his network no longer refer to ’emerging’ economies. Increasingly they are called ‘leapfrogging economies’, which in some ways may be more accurate, if a little ambitious given the lack of institutional development (more important than some might think), in some of them.

If available, I’ll post links to the other presentations in due course. Look forward to any reader comments.

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    Thanks – just saw this article referenced at the online BRICS Sustainabilty group.
    Very interesting!