Business and NGOs helping in Haiti

It goes almost without saying that the growing crisis in Haiti is shocking all of us.

A sobering reminder of how tenous a grip on life is for many. Haiti has it tough enough without this happening.

It puts the banking crisis into serious perspective, yet it will get less attention.

The Financial Times has published a piece today which we tried to help them with, on what companies are doing in response:

“On Friday evening corporate donations to Haiti in cash and other aid known to the FT totalled about $21m. General Electric, the US conglomerate, on Thursday said it was giving $2.5m towards the relief efforts in Haiti, while the banks including Citigroup, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Crédit Agricole, Goldman Sachs, Société Générale and Jefferies made donations worth millions of dollars.”

“Other corporate donations include bottled water from Nestlé, medicines from drugmaker AstraZeneca, and a $500,000 pledge from Unilever to the United Nations’ World Food Programme. Deutsche Post DHL said it had deployed a disaster response team to provide logistical support, while Ericsson said it would send telecom equipment to assist relief work.”

I just hope that the money can be distributed as fast as possible. One organisation that is seeking to speed up how disaster relief is utilised is AdvanceAid, an NGO which Ethical Corporation supports wherever we can. Take a look at their work here and make a donation if you can.

We donate all our corporate stakeholder engagement interview fees to AdvanceAid. Every little amount helps them with their important work.

For Haiti-specific donations, the following links may be of use to readers:

UNICEF – www.unicef.org.uk

ActionAid – www.actionaid.org.uk

British Red Cross – www.redcross.org.uk

Oxfam – www.oxfam.org.uk

World Vision – www.worldvision.org.uk

Save the Children UK – www.savethechildren.org.uk

Action Against Hunger – www.actionagainsthunger.org.uk

Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) – www.dec.org.uk

Merlin – www.merlin.org.uk

Salvation Army – www.salvationarmy.org.uk

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