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Business and Human Rights – Time for a Global Fund

Here’s my column from the latest edition of Ethical Corporation. Not yet even off the presses.

The print edition will be out next week. You should sign up. It’s great. We actually do journalism, analysis and editing, (so traditional) unlike some others, who will publish any old rubbish*. 

I argue in my column that there’s a need for global fund for business and human rights and speculate briefly on how it might work.

It’s a bold, possibly naive suggestion.

But in the wake of the dreadful Rana Plaza disaster I felt the need to try and be practical rather than pen a “why oh why…something must be done, but I don’t know what” column similar to those which have been appearing all over the global media. 

Here’s a link to the piece, and it is embedded below. Look forward to comments.

*Although you may disagree having read my writing