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Brands, sustainability and consumer behaviour change

Over at Ethical Corporation, we’re planning the editorial calendar for 2013 for our magazine/website.

Here’s some of what we’ve covered in 2012 in terms of editorial, reports and events.

We’re considering a long series of briefings on brands, sustainability, ethics and consumer behaviour change and engagement. It’s a subject we’ve covered a lot in the past, of course.

I’ve sketched out some ideas below. What’s missing from this series of briefings?

Brand power, sustainability and the consumer: Are brands really as powerful as some people believe?

Eco labels: Is 400 enough, which work, which don’t, and what’s the future of labels on products?

Behaviour change: What does it mean, can it work, who is doing it, and how?

Chief Marketing Officers: How they view sustainability, how they are engaged, some examples of good and bad campaigns

Is marketing REALLY the answer, or is system change (choice editing) more likely to succeed? Or is that the wrong question, the right one being: What’s the best mix of the two?

More on Ethical Corporation’s 2013 plans are here. Blog readers get a big Christmas discount on subscribing: Let me know if you are interested and we’ll be nice when it comes to price, hey, it’s nearly Christmas…


  1. Hi Toby, good list. There's three more I'd add:

    Brands: they aren't all the same, so how do differences between brands effect what they can do on sustainability?

    Brand value: how does sustainability help build it? What should you do to get the most brand value out of sustainability?

    Brand experience: how do you drive sustainability results through your brand experience internally and externally? What works and what doesn't?

    Inspiring story about Bill Browder too, thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks David, that's really helpful. Toby