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Asia Pulp & Paper update: Scaling up the lobbying efforts

It shows how little the media cares for the environment that even a newspaper such as the Guardian rarely puts green stories on the cover/homepage.

Today all UK media is obsessed with the News International story, Ad Nauseam, as usual.

Yes, it is/was a big story, but all the lessons have been learned now. We need to move on, and focus on more important things, like er, having a planet left to live on in 20-30 years time.

Meanwhile, buried away in the Guardian’s website is a story about how one of Europe’s most well-known politicians is now in the pay of a company rapidly being dropped by all major brands as a supplier, our old friend Asia Pulp & Paper (APP).

This should be a big story in UK media. The politician is Lord Mandelson, a deeply controversial and once-powerful figure. He is being paid to lobby for the company in the EU, where companies are fleeing assocation with APP rapidly.

APP is also a client of WPP, the advertising conglomerate that profresses green-ness.

Now APP (note the date of this release) has hired Mandelson to help it pretend it is going greener.

(It’s not, and it won’t have until APP can demonstrate that international NGOs such as Greenpeace are on board with a plan, no matter which paid flunky says otherwise)

It should be a big story, but it’s been ignored in the UK media, largely.

This is a real shame. But at least you know about it now.

Scaling up lobbying without scaling real solutions to the problem has never worked in the past.

There is no reason to think it will now.

Martin Sorrell and Peter Mandelson ought to know that too, and be advising their client such, or walking away from them.

If senior figures don’t show backbone, eventually no-one will.

P.S. / Update: 12/05/12: Sorrell has equity in Mandelson’s consultancy and it has office space in JWT’s Knightsbridge mansion. A cosy little club of dodgy practice.