Are you ready for Google Sidewiki?

According to this post, Google’s new Sidewiki tool could be a major communications headache for companies.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s worth checking out. It allows anyone to post comments next to a website once they install it via Google Toolbar.

I’m testing it on this blog. Check out Sidewiki here.

If it becomes widely used, and it will be by activists, companies are going to have to get pro-active about their communications.

If you can’t control the debate (and you can’t!) then you’d better get involved in taking part.

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  1. Anonymous

    I surely understand why many webmasters don't like SideWiki and fear that competitors will use it to add comments to your site that will be as helpful as the comments that graffiti artists add to bathroom walls.

    You should monitor the SideWiki comments on your own site(s) closely and act promptly on negative comments. There are now tools available that can monitor SideWiki comments for you, and alert you when new comments are posted.


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