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Are these the biggest questions for agriculture, technology and innovation?

Last year, in an effort to bring together companies, scientists, investors, NGOs, regulators and other experts on agriculture, technology and innovation, we created a conference about it. No surprises there I suppose, given that’s what we do at Innovation Forum. We’re trying to ask the tough questions, and get some answers. here’s some of what we’ll be asking at our Washington, D.C. forum on April 5-6:

  1. AgTech: Are the AgTech revolution’s cross-sector collaborations win-win-win for farmers, businesses, and the planet?
  2. Climate smart agriculture: What are the emerging climate resilient strategies based on US commodities?
  3. Policy to implementation: An in-depth look at how Mars plans to deliver on ambitious targets and drive a transformation of agricultural supply chains
  4. The GE debate: A pragmatic discussion around the ethical implications and how they sit with the potential and scale of GE
  5. Public-private sector collaborations: How are partnerships between NGOs and private sector companies delivering on key sustainability targets?
  6. Biotech and organics: Can they work together to revolutionize our food and farming system?
  7. Water risk management: What are the leading practices and technologies for water use efficiency? A look at the practicalities and how they apply to your business
  8. Animal welfare: How is animal welfare having profound implications for corporate costs, revenues, assets, brand image and reputation?
  9. Organic Agriculture 101: What are the USDA Organic Standards? How do you verify organic supply chains?
  10. The future of food: animal free? How will plant based meats impact sustainable agriculture?

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