Anyone for a sustainability thriller?

Novels incorporating sustainability ought to be a rich vein of literature.

We’ve had “Solar” from Ian Mcewan, lots of Carl Hiaasen novels and a fair few others.

Even though the broadness of the subject ought to lend itself to novel writing, in practice a few of genre I have read haven’t been particularly strong.

Hiaasen’s books are funny, but often set in Florida and tend to be similar to each other.

This new book “Vapor Trails“, at least from the Amazon reviews and sample, looks work investing £6 / $10 in.

Here’s a bit of the blurb about it:

“Mason Burnside was the number two man at Splendid Oil, a company with a
budget larger than most countries. His top spot came from years of
leaving a path of personal and ecological destruction in his wake while
fighting to meet market demand. Long time rival, CEO Jack Masterson,
finds a way to topple Burnside as his signature project in Ecuador turns
into an environmental disaster. Now Burnside is demoted and head of the
company’s token and toothless sustainability department…”. (More here)

Some beach reading this summer perhaps. I’ve just bought the Kindle edition and will report back.

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