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Any interest in an online course on sustainable business / CSR?

I’m thinking of setting up an online course on corporate responsibility, with guest speakers and experts from around the world taking part.

The content would be based on both the practical training / briefings that I do with large companies on a regular basis, and on my academic teaching at Birkbeck, University of London, where I teach working postgraduate students about corporate responsibility for nine weeks a year, plus research supervision.

I’m trying to work out what it would be worth to readers. Some questions for you all:

1) How much would you pay, say for a nine week online course, which was live on the web for three hours a week and then archived to listen to / read about at your leisure?

It would cover the full range of topics in CSR/sustainability: History of CR/Sustainability, stakeholder engagement, climate change, human rights, investment, etc, with one topic being tackled per week and lots of time for discussion.

It would be VERY focused on the latest developments and best corporate practices.

I’m thinking something like £50-99 for students, £99-150 for NGOs, and £250-350 for companies. Thoughts?

2) Would you pay for a monthly online briefing on the latest news and events in the field? Again it would have guest expert speakers, and it would be available at an annual fee. It would be perhaps webinar style, probably about an hour long, with Q&A time built in.

It could also be quarterly, but I get the feeling that four times a year is too few.

If that is of interest, what would it be worth to you? £200 per year, £500 per year?

It’s hard to price these things, but I’d like to hear your thoughts in terms of interest and what kind of budget you’d assign to this.

Thanks for all and any comments, privately to my Gmail at or as a comment on the blog.



  1. Anonymous

    I would find it very interesting if it were practical and not only the theory behind it. Cost wise it is hard to put down.

  2. Kulbir

    Would be interesting ! Cost for individuals? Accredition?