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About my company

Innovation Forum focuses on trying to broker solutions to the world’s toughest problems, at least those related to business supply chains. I’m not sure we always, if ever, succeed, but I think we create forums where constructive dialogue happens, the right questions are asked, and the ‘right’ (define that!) people come together. This is what customers tell us, at least the happy ones. I know we are better than all our competition, but only because our competition is so poor generally. So that’s not much to boast about. I do know we can always be better, and our biggest challenge is bringing executives from companies from different industries together to learn from each other, take criticism, and emerge better for it. Our style is to ask the most difficult questions first, and then work forward to some kind of solution. You can see more of our events and publishing at innovation-forum or contact me at Tobias DOT Webb AT