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A simple presentation on the business case for supplier engagement in sustainability performance improvements

That’s the longest blog post title I’ve probably ever written.

Sorry, not very punchy.

But usefully descriptive I hope.

As some readers know, I also run online training courses on CR/Sustainable business with Mallen Baker of Business Respect/Daisywheel Interactive.

Right now we have 70 or so managers signed up and halfway through our first online course, which is called “Getting to Grips with CR” (details here, and full details here).

We’re launching several more courses (including version two of the above course) very soon.

Meanwhile, here’s a taster (without the video, audio, webinars and discussion forums) of the course in the form of a simple PPT deck on supplier sustainability improvements and possible results.

I hope it’s helpful. If you’d like to know more, email

The business case for improving suppliers (also embedded below)