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12 tips on engaging suppliers on sustainability in China

MIT Sloan Management Review has published an excellent recent article called:

Improving Environmental Performance in Your Chinese Supply Chain

Here are the 12 top tips they base the article on.

All very relevant to engaging your suppliers in sustainability progress:

1. Provide incentives for identifying, disclosing and addressing problems.

2. Collaborate with nongovernmental groups to facilitate monitoring and help Tier 1 and subtier suppliers self-identify problems.

3. Make use of improving Chinese government data to augment internal supply chain transparency efforts.

4. Work with multibrand forums to standardize Chinese supplier audit data at Tier 1 and subtiers

5. Encourage environmental transparency as an efficiency tool.

6. Encourage the training of more Chinese environmental professionals.

7. Put skin in the game.

8. Learn from your suppliers and facilitate learning among suppliers.

9. Collaborate with other buyers to drive change in your common suppliers.

10. Find like-minded buyers with whom to build collaborative auditing and remediation processes at shared factories.

11. To reach Tier 2, you need friends.

12. Tailor programs to local realities.

The full piece is here.