12 key green stats for your CEO

This article from Al-Jazeera has a useful summary of some of the key environmental challenges the world now faces from some leading scientists and analysts.

For example:

1) There is about 40 per cent less ice in the Arctic than when in 1968

2) Oceans are 30 per cent more acidic than they were 40 years ago

3) The atmosphere is four per cent more wet than 40 years ago because warm air holds more water than cold air. (That means more deluge and downpour in wet areas and more dryness in dry areas)

4) So far human greenhouse gas emissions have raised the temperature of the planet by one degree Celsius

5) Unless we get off gas, coal, and oil, that number will be four to five degrees before the end of this century

6) Increasing temperatures also cause more air pollution, due to photochemical reactions that increase with higher temperatures

7) Lack of clean water, a phenomenon that is also a product of climate change, will lead to increases in morbidity and mortality from a variety of water-borne diseases

8) Infectious diseases carried by insects, like malaria, Lyme disease, Dengue fever, are all expected to worsen

9) Every degree increase in temperature decreases the wheat harvest by 10 per cent

10) The world’s population is growing by roughly 80 million people per year, and at the current rates of birth and death, the world’s population is on a trajectory to double in 49 years

11) The additional 2.5 billion [onto our current 6.8 billion] is the climate equivalent to adding two USA’s to the planet

12) Greenhouse gas emissions increased by a record amount last year to the highest carbon output in history, despite the most serious economic recession in 80 years.

This is all rather bleak, and from sources which appear to me to be credible.

Sorry about that.

Perhaps the 12 points above might be useful in persuading others in your business that, er, we, like, oughta to do something about all this.

Like switching all your corporate energy to renewables as fast as you can help that power get added to the grid.

Or publicly baling out of lobby groups that support fossil fuels, and using your brand to raise awareness of sustainability in a way that is not entirely self-serving.

Plenty of opportunity in all this for your company.

Pick your issue and start to leverage your corporate budgets, power and brands.

At the very least, you’ll end up saving your business some money.

At best, you might help more green power onto the grid, encourage other companies to come out in support of your goals, or come up with biodiversity plan that helps a smarter company safeguard some of the environment. What else are you going to do with your time?

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