10 Lessons for corporate sustainability groups from the Eurozone crisis

Here’s a few*:

1) Don’t start talking to potential members unless they are genuinely, institutionally ready to reform.

2) When negotiating membership, include detailed stipulations on what must change for entry.

3) Set clear boundaries for measured progress once basic criteria has been met for entry.

4) Make sure entry stipulations are actually met before members join. (see all examples above)

5) Resource properly a monitoring center to make sure members don’t drag their feet.

6) If a member crosses a line: enforce the boundaries, kick them out if you have to. That stick must be available. Your group needs teeth, the remit for which are agreed well in advance.

7) Make the group a club of aspirants rather than a club of bad boys. (EU got this right, EITI got it wrong)

8) Don’t grow too quickly. Organic beats scale if you want to maintain steady progress.

9) Reward those who join and make changes: And show the world why membership makes sense.

10) Don’t make it too easy to stay in: Keep the pressure up on a regular basis.

*This is possibly the most contrived link between topical news and sustainable business I’ve ever attempted. I’m looking forward to comments/being slammed for inappropriate opportunism

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