Your NGO tips needed for Ethical Corp article

After my previous post on small, flexible ‘implementation’ focused NGOs I am now determined to publish something on the best of them.

I’m thinking of ten profiles of small NGOs who really help large companies implement sustainability on the ground.

This could be in local HQ or site communities, in the supply chain or wherever really.

My picks so far are The Forest Trust, AdvanceAid and The Boxing Academy. I have some others in mind but would rather readers picked them.

We need another seven to make our round list of ten to then profile on www.ethicalcorp.com and on this blog.

Let me know your thoughts to tobiaswebb@gmail.com


  1. how about PETA?

  2. Hilary Sutcliffe

    What about Practical Action, they are about using technology to challenge poverty. Brilliant partnerships, innovative ways to help people through incorporating the highest to the lowest technologies. Currently doing an excellent multi-stakeholder initiative to use nanotechnologies to sense arsenic in wells in Nepal, really saving lives, doing it inclusively and unashamedly using technology where it is most needed. David Grimshaw the man to speak to.

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