You gotta love sustainable warships…

We just reviewed the UK Ministry of Defence’s sustainability report.

See http://www.ethicalcorp.com/content.asp?ContentID=4636 for the full review, its free.

As the excellent author of the review, Deborah Smith, point out:

“Analyses of the long term social, cultural and environmental legacies of war and conflict are absent, nor is there any mention of economic costs.

Yes, this would be difficult, but it brings us back to the same basic problem – whether the MOD has had to resort to a degree of tokenism and diversionary tactics to fulfil a very difficult brief from central government: produce a sustainable development strategy, to a set format, like every other department … or else.”

You read Deborah’s other articles for EC in the past at:

http://www.ethicalcorp.com/author.asp?AuthorID=1073 She’ll be writing a regular report review piece for us once a month now. Toby, Editor.

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