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Climate Change

Will the Ukraine/Russia crisis affect climate change as well as gas markets?

Have Greenpeace got a point? Yes.
Does that make me a whinging lefty? No

It might.

Look at this chart in the New York Times today.

It shows how dependent various European nations are on Russian gas. Scary stuff.

Not that the Russians can afford to pull the plug completely, particularly right now.

But they can jack up prices. Even with gas prices being lower world-wide than in recent years past, Russia can still seriously mess with European energy prices given one cannot simply turn off one gas tap and turn on another.

If gas supplies to the EU to become disrupted (and it looks increasingly likely) there may be a knock on effect on climate change.

With less gas around, and expensive nuclear development out of favour, where do we turn?

Yes, you guessed, the German/Polish/Czech favourite, coal.

Coal, that hurts people like no other fossil fuel.

Fingers crossed the crisis gets resolved, but let’s not get our hopes up. Putin seems to be digging in.

So will Europe’s coal companies if the current shenanigans continues. Not good for the climate, or people’s health.

The silver lining may mean that the next few years of gas politics and its knock on effects is good for the European renewables industry. Fingers crossed.