Why your industry lobby group should be on your radar

This FT article shows why heads of CSR/Sustainability should get to grips with their industry lobby groups and prevent them from spoiling collective reputations.

Here’s the key quote from the article, which is titled: “Carbon trading could slash ‘green’ costs”

“Gareth Stace, head of climate and environment policy at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said: “We do not support the premise that organisations should take all steps to reduce their own emissions before purchasing offsets. Organisations should be encouraged to find the most cost-effective approach – only by advocating this will manufacturers be encouraged to set ambitious reduction targets”

So a big industry lobby group is still arguing against energy efficiency and for offshoring emissions cuts purely on the basis of short term price.

Just who do these groups think they represent these days? It makes you wonder.

If I was working in a sustainability department at a company, I would feel like such groups did not represent my company. And think twice about being a member.

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