Time to get into the energy efficiency business

“CO2 reduction ‘not a business priority’ in face of unrealistic targets and financial pressures”, runs the headline in npower’s online media centre, dated 29 April.

According to the media release:

“More than eight out of ten businesses say Government targets to reduce CO2 emissions are unrealistic, while significant numbers do not see the benefit of a small carbon footprint and are relegating carbon reduction measures to concentrate on managing costs.”

It seems blindingly obvious that energy efficiency that cuts costs and does not require significant capital investment is the only area in climate change that will attract major interest at the moment.

Out of the 300 companies surveyed by npower, 200 are SMEs (with “significant energy use”), and the other 100 were large “major” energy users.

Particularly worrying is the npower claim that “the majority of businesses (83%) said the target to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 was unrealistic”.

It seems that SME’s will only take action either due to tough, enforced regulation or massive incentives. Not much of either happening this year.

The good news is that “the importance attached to energy efficiency at its highest level since 2005”.

Given how much energy we waste at the moment, in inefficient buildings alone, perhaps the recession is helpful to business and the environment, in that it focuses minds on practical action.

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