Why “corporate responsibility” should not exist

I’ve just been editing one of our conference agendas and I realised we were making a key mistake.

The line I edited said something like: “Work out the return on investment of your CSR efforts. Find out how to quantify CSR”.

That’s the wrong way to look at it.

The approach should be: “Work out the social, economic, cultural and environmental ROI/impacts of your business efforts”.

Do you see the difference? It’s huge.

It’s why Corporate Responsibility shouldn’t exist really.

It should be Just Good Business.

Here’s an interview with the Economist executive editor where he makes the argument. And one where I make it too, on the BBC’s Today programme last year, although in a more stumbling way.

This is not a new paradigm of course.

(It perhaps demonstrates that corporate responsibility has become too self-obsessed over the years)

But it has just hit home to me even further, how hugely important the right language use is in creating momentum – and sustaining it.

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  1. Absolutely right. Good insight.

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