Who to follow on Twitter?

Here’s a list below of some useful sustainability and CR folks to follow on Twitter.

I often find Twitter a rather dazzling experience. And not always in a good way.

Too much information, too fast, makes the head spin and the attention span fall away.

As I write this, I am being Skyped, and my iPhone is chirping at me due to an incoming text. All the while the emails fill up my Outlook.

Time to cut back, surely.

So recently I have ‘culled’ some of those I follow on my personal Twitter account, and increased the number on our corporate account.

That way I have one channel to read interesting tweets, and one to push out messages.

I use www.twitter.com/tobiaswebb76 as my personal feed, and www.twitter.com/ethical_corp as the ‘corporate’ account.

Here’s few folks to follow on Twitter, who provide really useful insights, rather than going on about what they had for breakfast, or their travel arrangements:

http://twitter.com/GreenPRcrap (Green PR gossip and insider insight)
http://twitter.com/bmay (Brendan May, EC writer, consultant and very amusing tweeter)
http://twitter.com/timberland_jeff (The legendary CEO who gets it)
http://twitter.com/MishaGlenny (Author of McMafia, one of the best books of the last five years)
http://twitter.com/HeishmanFlill (Hilarious PR take-off)
http://twitter.com/guardianeco (Great for enviro stories)
http://twitter.com/rwaardenburg (CR boss at Ahold, the retailer)
http://twitter.com/csrmaven (Excellent on the complexities of supply chain ethics)
http://twitter.com/UN_ClimateTalks (No comment needed)
http://twitter.com/btschiller (Thoughtful journalist and author)
http://twitter.com/CarolineRees (Ruggie’s right hand, one of them, along with http://twitter.com/christinebader)
http://twitter.com/makower (Green commentator, good on US issues)
http://twitter.com/bbaue (Knows US CSR and SRI backwards)
http://twitter.com/ChristineArena (Author, blogger, writer)
http://twitter.com/jamesfarrar (SAP’s acerbic sustainability tweeter)
http://twitter.com/mallenbaker (Never, ever, a dull moment)
http://twitter.com/marcgunther (Knows his onions on green and SRI)

Without wanting to be one of those trite bloggers who says, “now have your say, what do YOU think”, all the time…

Who did I miss? Apart from Seth Godin and Richard Branson… (please don’t say Al Gore!)

This isn’t supposed to be a ‘top tweeters’ list, or even a complete one.

Some of those lists seem to focus on volume of tweets rather than comments/links offered, from what I can tell.

I might do a list of the CR tweeters who offer less value, shall we say, at some point soon.

Top Ten Trite Tweeters ranking perhaps?

(I could get someone really reputable in this area, like Newsweek, to publish it. Or Fast Company, or Forbes, Fortune or any of the other mainstream publications who like to write about how green the world is going these days in exchange for dwindling ad dollars from giant recalcitrant corporations, bless their bankrupt little cotton socks…)

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  1. Thanks, Toby, for your list. There were a few I hadn't been following, and glad to find them!

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