Who are the top academics on corporate responsibility?

Let’s do some ‘crowd sourcing’ together.

I’d really like to know which academic writers you would suggest on corporate ethics, responsibility and sustainability.

Here’s my list, compiled more from memory than looking back through all my saved papers.

It would be great for all of us reading this if you could add your own favourites as a comment.

Ans Kolk (Netherlands)
Chip Pitts (US and UK)
Mette Morsing (Denmark)
Thomas Donaldson (USA)
Thomas Dunfee (USA)
David Henderson (Institute of Economic Affairs) (UK)
David Vogel (USA)
Michael Porter (USA)
Milton Friedman (USA)
Nigel Roome (UK)
Andrew Kakabadse (UK)
CK Prahalad (USA)
Stuart Hart (USA)
Peter Senge (USA)
Rosabeth Kanter (USA)
Peter Drucker (USA)
Archie Carroll (USA)
Ed Freeman (USA)
Andy Crane
Dirk Matten
Laura Hartman (USA)
Prakash Sethi (India/USA)
Jeremy Moon (UK)
David Grayson (UK)
Esben Rahbek Pedersen (Denmark)
Mette Andersen (Denmark)
CB Bhattacharya (Germany)
Richard T DeGeorge (USA)
Lawrence Mitchell (USA)
Atle Midttun (Norway)
Robert Watson (UK) (climate change)
Nicholas Stern (UK) (climate change)
Joseph L. Badaracco (USA)

A few recent additions that I omitted which were suggested by readers:

John Ruggie (USA)
Jane Nelson (USA/UK)
Craig Smith (UK/France)
Ethan Kapstein (France)
Igor Ansoff
Dan Esty
Tim Jackson
Jan Bebbington (UK)
Rob Gray (UK)

I’d welcome your thoughts on who else should be on this list.

Last night I gave my final Birkbeck lecture this year, a revision lecture on corporate responsibility. Here’s the slides below. Excuse some inconsistent formatting, time was short and PowerPoint is not my stong point!


  1. John Ruggie & Jane Nelson (USA)

  2. For work on Responsible Leadership look at Thomas Maak and Nicola Pless

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    john ehrenfeld

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