Who are the small, nimble companies who may transform society?

In upcoming editions of Ethical Corporation we want to highlight the smaller, private start up companies whose products are set to change systems, society and the way we live.

Some of these will be technology based solutions. Others will involve new business models. Other still will be about new products and services that we need rather than simply just want.

Please email me with ideas at toby.webb@ethicalcorp.com or post a comment with your tips on the blog.

Here’s a few firms I think are interesting that we might write about:

  1. CrowdCube (equity finance)
  2. ZipCar/Streetcar (transportation)
  3. Better Place (electric vehicles)
  4. Zynga (online games, Farmville)
  5. Good Energy (wind energy)

I know there will be lots of developing country companies one could name.

Right now, we’re sticking with the companies working in more developed nations.

In a separate issue, we’ll cover the small emerging market start ups and innovators.

I’ll post the final in-depth feature on the blog. So if you contribute, you’ll get something back in return 🙂

Look forward to thoughts and ideas…


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