What’s in the October 2012 edition of Ethical Corporation

Here’s what’s in the latest edition of Ethical Corporation below. There’s a PDF of the cover and contents below.

Here are some of the issues the magazine is covering this month:

  • Clean Development Mechanism: Where next?
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil: Toughening up
  • Conflict minerals: What Dodd-Frank means
  • Business corruption: Is it improving?
  • Briefing: supply chains: A long briefing on engagement, data collection and transparency
  • Asia Pulp and Paper: The story so far, in detail
  • NGOwatch: Latest look at campaigners and campaigns
  • Cheat sheet: All the stats and facts you need this month.
  • Greening the US military: How, and why
  • AccountAbility -Who owns the AA1000 standards?
  • Sustainability: Why Obama and Romney are missing the point
  • Strategy and management:transformational change – How business can lead the charge (essay)
  • China: NGOs might fair better under Beijing’s new leadership
Review section:
  • Report: Fedex
  • Report: Raytheon
  • New books
  • Academic news

  • Flexible working: Doing it at home
  • People on the move
  • How activists can better engage business.

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